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Here's what some businesses say about using our certificates to increase their sales and leads:

"Even though there are other incentive marketing tools available, Vacation Getaways offers a true 'flat-rate model'. Having a 'fixed marketing cost' provides brokers an attractive low cost marketing tool. Bottom line, I am proud to recommend their services to all of our visitors and would recommend their services to the mortgage industry."
Michael Bococinski

"Thank you for the opportunity to offer my clients such a great incentive. I've been offering the vacation certificates as an incentive to get people to book a jewelry party and since I started this, my parties have doubled. Using the certificates has significantly impacted my business."
Judy L.
PD Jewelry

"I use your incentives in my marketing campaigns which has considerably increased my advertising response rates. I will continually use them in my marketing campaigns and promotions."
Mark H.
Blackbird Communications

"Using your incentives has helped me to increase my client base. I give away the certificates in my salon to all new clients and by doing that I've gotten many repeat appointments."
Tammie T.
La Vogue Hair Salon

"Just want to say thank you for providing your certificates that I use to promote my services. They've helped my company to generate more income and my customers love receiving them."
Larry P.
LDI Landscape

I just want to say how excited I am about using your services. I just spoke to one of your very professional and very friendly customer service representatives and she made this seem very much like something I will be doing for my company. I once had been involved in a gift incentive program where I would have had to pay between $30 and $196 per offer and now, seeing that I can basically pay about that much and get unlimited offers; it's ingenious! Whoever thought of this program should win the smartest person in the world award! Thanks soooo much for this added treasure in my business and charity efforts!
Andrea C.
MLM Marketing and Charity Programs, NY

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