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Welcome to Vacation Getaways Affiliate Program

Now you can make money by telling your friends, colleagues and website visitors about Vacation Getaways certificate program.

Vacation Getaways is a leading marketing promotions company. We provide top quality certificate incentives for businesses to offer to their prospects and customers. Through the use of our incentives, our clients generate leads, boost sales, and increase referral business.

By simply referring others to our website, you will earn a commission of $35.00 for every certificate license that is purchased from the people you refer. Plus, as the people you refer distribute the certificates, you will also be paid $1.00 for EVERY certificate their customers redeem. If the person you refer purchases the whole certificate package, you will earn a commission of $200.00 plus $1.00 for every certificate their customers redeem. In your account area you will receive a unique affiliate url used only for referring others to our website. This affiliate url will track any purchases that came from someone clicking on your url.

We provide you with several affiliate banners that you can choose from to put on your website. We also provide you with several proven tips and tricks to make money with our affiliate program.

We will send you a check or credit your paypal account every month that your commission exceeds $50. If your commission is less than $50 for a particular month, it will continue to accrue and you will be paid once it exceeds $50.

Once you sign up, you will be able to login to your account to receive your affiliate url. In your account area you will also be able to view your commissions. After signing up, simply click on the "Client Login" link to login to your account.

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