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We make it extremely affordable for any business, large or small, to cost-effectively utilize our certificates. Instead of having to purchase certificates individually as other companies require, with our company you only pay a small yearly licensing fee allowing you to print an unlimited number of certificates. Whether you need 100 or 1,000,000, you’ll quickly come to see that it's considerably less than paying for each one individually. All our certificates have high-perceived value. The certificate holder will pay a small processing and handling fee to redeem the certificate to receive what the certificate offers.

Businesses who use the certificates in their marketing & promotions see at least a 30% increase in sales. Use the certificates in all your promotions that include online, telemarketing, single copy inserts, in paper, retention department and direct mail offers for both new and previous customers. Simply incorporate our promotional certificates into your regularly scheduled advertising program and easily make your campaign unique. The perceived value of the certificates influences an amazing response from recipients. Also use the certificates to generate referrals from your network of business colleagues. Think about how much more your company could make if you could generate 30 percent more business.


  • Unlimited Printing of the Certificate: You will receive an online account where you will login at to print an unlimited number of certificates to hand to your customers. Each certificate is the size of a standard 8 1/2 by 11 paper when printed. There is no limit on how many certificates you print. Or you can just print one certificate and have copies made at a print shop.

  • PDF Certificate: The certificate is in a PDF document, so you can email it to your customers or upload it to your website for your customers to download and print.

  • Personalization of Certificate: You can personalize the certificates to include your business name and/or website address in the "Compliments of" area. Your information will show on both the printed and online certificates. You can change this information as many times as you want, so if you have more than one company, you can print separate certificates with each business name on them.

  • Design of Certificate: You can choose from 7 different borders for the design of your certificate. Click here to see the borders you can choose from. You will also have the option of choosing to not have a border if you want to print the certificate on a special type of paper that already has a border.

  • Artwork for the back of the Certificate: We also provide pictures that you can print on the back of the certificate. Click on the following links to view samples of the artwork you can print on the back. Artwork Sample 1 - Artwork Sample 2 - Artwork Sample 3

  • Commissions for Certificates Redeemed: Of the few companies in our industry that pay a commission for certificates redeemed, we pay you the highest commissions of $3-$6. We do this to help you maximize your profits. When your customers redeem their certificate, you will be paid a commission of $3-$6 per certificate redeemed depending on the amount redeemed each month. Click here to see the breakdown of commissions you receive. You will be issued an ID Number that will be located at the bottom right corner of all your printed and online certificates. No one else will have your ID Number, which is used to track all of your redemptions. In your account area you will be able to view the amount of commissions you've earned. Commissions are paid the first week of every month by either check or PayPal. If your commission is less than $50 for a particular month, it will continue to accrue and you will be paid once it exceeds $50.

  • Ability to Resell the Certificates: You can sell the certificates to businesses for any price you choose. You can easily sell them individually for $5 to $10 each. When selling the certificates in bulk, they typically sell for $1 to $5 each. Click here to learn more about reselling the certificates.

    Below is a list of various types of businesses that use the certificates and how they use them:

    Mortgage Industry
    Lead generator
    Referral gift
    Convert prospects to clients
    Incentive to send back questionnaire or to call for more info
    Gift for re-financing a mortgage
    Generate referrals from your network of business colleagues, such as realtors, builders, and financial planners.
    Consistently and cost-effectively maintain contact with and provide value to your customers, as well as your personal and professional contacts.
    Project an image with your marketing material that sets you above your competition and increases your credibility.

    Lead generator
    Referral gift
    Convert prospects to clients
    Incentive to send back questionnaire or to call for more info
    Give as a gift to welcome your client into their new home

    Insurance Companies
    Lead generator
    Referral gift
    Gift for a new policy written
    Incentive to keep appointment with sales rep
    Incentive to send back questionnaire or to call for more info

    Lead generator
    Referral gift
    Incentive to fill out questionnaire
    Gift with purchase
    Contest prizes
    Special promotion giveaways
    Gift for attending presentation
    Sales closing tool
    Appointment setting

    Network Marketing Companies (MLM)
    Gift for signing up as a distributor
    Gift to people who book a home party
    Referral gift to those who bring a guest to a home party or meeting. Gift to those who buy products or sign up for "autoship"
    Special promotion giveaways
    Drawings at home parties or meetings

    Bulk Mailers and Mass Mailers
    Incentive to send back questionnaire or to call for more info
    Incentive to buy products and/or use services

    Car Dealerships
    Create more showroom traffic
    Sell upgrades and warranty packages
    Close sales
    Generate repeat business
    Referral gift
    Incentive for test-driving

    Attract new depositors
    Boost loan activity
    Up-sell accounts and policies
    Close the deal for banks, mortgage companies, and insurance firms.
    Employee gift
    Customer loyalty gift

    Trade Show Companies and/or Companies That Go To Trade Shows
    Booth drawing
    Incentive to fill out questionnaire or to call for more info
    Sales closing tool
    Gift with purchase

    Media Companies
    Increase advertising revenue
    Sell new subscriptions
    Attract listeners
    Increase sales for newspapers, radio stations, cable companies, magazines, and internet service providers.

    Newsletter and Ezine Owners
    Gift with ad purchase
    Incentive to sign up for eZine
    Incentive to sign up for newsletter

    Ebay Sellers
    Use them as an added bonus w/ each auction
    If customers buy more than 1 item, they will receive a free vacation
    If customers use "Buy it Now," they will receive a free vacation
    Thank you for purchasing goods

    Elementary Schools and Colleges
    Energize fundraising efforts
    Increase enrollment
    Reward faculty and staff

    Travel Agencies
    Referral gift
    Gift for booking a flight
    Gift for booking a cruise
    Special promotion giveaway

    Retailers and Manufacturers
    Increase floor traffic
    Increase in-store spending
    Anniversary sales event
    Customer retention gift
    Extended warranty sales
    Employee gift

    Construction Companies
    Lead generator
    Referral gift
    Incentive to send back questionnaire or to call for more info
    Gift for using your services

    Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors
    Referral gift
    Give as a thank you for doing business.

    Clubs and Associations
    Refer a friend
    Increase memberships
    Renewal bonus
    Member benefit

    Service Providers
    Gift for new clients
    Gift when upgrading service
    Gift for completing survey

    Door-to-Door Companies
    Gift with purchase
    Sales closing tool
    Referral Gift

    Not-For-Profit Organizations
    Give as a gift for donations.

    These are just some of the types of business that have discovered the positive impact of using our certificates. No matter what you're selling, ALL prospects and employees have one thing in common: they love a vacation. Discover the impact of an irresistible offer on your bottom line with our certificates.

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