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When you purchase a certificate license fee you are allowed the rights to print, personalize, design and distribute as many certificates as you want. The licensing fee is required to be renewed each year for the continued usage of the certificate. Discounts are given when multiple certificate licenses are purchased.

3 Day, 2 Night Vacation Certificate (Multi Destinations) ($99.00)
8 Day, 7 Night Resort Getaway Certificate ($99.00)
3, 4 or 7 Night Cruise Getaway Certificate ($99.00)
$1000 Restaurant Savings Certificate ($99.00)
$1000 Grocery Savings Certificate ($99.00)
Ultimate Super Savings Certificate ($99.00)

  • Unlimited Printing of the Certificate: You will receive an online account where you will login at to print an unlimited number of certificates to hand to your customers. Each certificate is the size of a standard 8 1/2 by 11 paper when printed. There is no limit on how many certificates you print. Or you can just print one certificate and have copies made at a print shop.

  • PDF Certificate: The certificate is in a PDF document, so you can email it to your customers or upload it to your website for your customers to download and print.

  • Personalization of Certificate: You can personalize the certificates to include your business name and/or website address in the "Compliments of" area. Your information will show on both the printed and online certificates. You can change this information as many times as you want, so if you have more than one company, you can print separate certificates with each business name on them.

  • Design of Certificate: You can choose from 7 different borders for the design of your certificate. Click here to see the borders you can choose from. You will also have the option of choosing to not have a border if you want to print the certificate on a special type of paper that already has a border.

  • Commissions for Certificates Redeemed: When your customers redeem their certificate, you will be paid a commission of $3-$6 per certificate redeemed depending on the amount redeemed each month. Click here to see the breadown of commissions you receive. You will be issued an ID Number that will be located at the bottom right corner of all your printed and online certificates. No one else will have your ID Number, which is used to track all of your redemptions. In your account area you will be able to view the amount of commissions you've earned. Commissions are paid the first week of every month by either check or PayPal. If your commission is less than $20 for a particular month, it will continue to accrue and you will be paid once it exceeds $20.

  • Ability to Resell the Certificates: You can resell the certificates for any price you wish. Click here to learn more about reselling the certificates.

    Payment accepted by all major Credit Cards and PayPal.

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