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Run a Home Business with Incentive Vacation Certificates

It is possible to run a very lucrative home business using inventive vacation certificates as its basis. Vacation certificates are becoming very popular and are appearing in more and more online marketing campaigns and they are being increasingly used in the marketing strategies of many offline businesses.

The reason why they are so effective is because they are free, and they also have a perceived high value. People like to get free things, and will pay extra for an item just to get the free thing that is going with it. If this free item is a vacation certificate for a cruise to Mexico then that is a very strong reason to make the purchase. Even a two or three night hotel break is enough to persuade people to part with a few dollars to buy something that they perceive as being of less value than the certificate.

In fact, certificates are available for a variety of vacations including cruises, flights, hotel rooms, resort breaks and so on. Anywhere that cannot fill all of their seats, rooms or cabins will offer what they cannot sell for free with the back-sales in mind. People will spend money in the bars, restaurants and casinos, and will make purchases from the gift shops and the kiddies rides. The empty rooms and seats will still make them money, and it is a better business decision for the hotels, airlines and holiday resorts to do that than to leave them empty.

You can make money from them too, by marketing them from your website. You can purchase a distributorship allowing you unlimited printing rights to a range of vacation certificates for a relatively small fee of $99 annually. For this you can print as many as you like, and even use them yourself or give them to your family.

However, your biggest income will come from big business, which tends to purchase them in large amounts. You get not only the purchase price, but also the commission on every certificate redeemed. The way to achieve greatest success is to have either a whole website or a web page on your existing website, devoted to selling the certificates. You can easily make a good case for using them in sales campaigns, and the better you promote them the more money you will make.

If you feel that $99 is too much to risk right away, then you can purchase individual certificates for $3 each. Test the water with these first, and if your success warrants it, which it likely will, then plump for the $99 package that will bring you bigger rewards. You can also use the $3 vacation certificates as incentives to purchase your own online products. In that way they will pay for themselves.

Alternatively you can join our affiliate program. You have no initial outlay, and can sell our packages from your site using our promotional material. You cannot use the certificates yourself, since you are simply referring customers to our sales pages. You can, however, run a successful business this way, since you get paid $35 for every certificate sold to a customer referred from your website, and also $1 for every certificate redeemed from those issued by that customer.

By using a combination of each of these methods: purchasing printing rights to specific certificates and also affiliate marketing, you can have a very profitable business. You would have to run each of these options from different websites, or discrete unconnected web pages, or they would conflict with each other, but it is a good way of earning money until you have purchased the rights to most of our certificates. What you sell as an affiliate is only what you do not yet own by virtue of your annual fee.

You will shortly be earning enough to pay the annual fees quickly and easily, and this is the best approach to run a home business with incentive vacation certificates. These certificates are increasing in popularity as business incentives, and can be the basis of a very profitable home business.

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