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The Power of Cruise Certificate Incentives

You can use cruise certificate incentives in many ways to promote your website and to help you to sell products. There are many ways in which you can promote a website and drive traffic to it, but for real success your longer term promotional strategy must be geared around an ‘email list’ with which you can keep in contact with regular emails. In order to build such a list you need to provide some incentive for a prospect to provide you with their first name and email address.

An email address is very important to most people, and they are so fearful of spam these days that they will not give it to you cheaply. One thing almost guaranteed to persuade visitors to your website or squeeze page to part with it, however, is a complimentary cruise certificate. The vast majority of people perceive a cruise as being a high value vacation, and therefore worth a lot more than just a simple email address.

So you are now well on your way to building a valuable email list that is so essential for success in Internet marketing. You have a product to offer and need some form of sales marketing strategy. A good way to start is to offer a relatively low value product that provides customers with useful information, but at a lower level than your main product. Charge $9.50 or so for that, and once they have paid make them the One Time Offer (or OTO).

That is a back-end sale of your higher value product that might be priced at $37 or $47 or even more. That offer sometimes works as it stands, but imagine if you could offer a cruise certificate for the customer and their partner for purchasing the product. Not just any cruise, but a 4 day cruise in the Bahamas with all meals and beverages paid for! What do you think their reaction would be?

They will likely go for it, but you can force the issue by making it a one time offer that they will not see again, so they cannot have time to think about it. Customers who take time to think about it rarely return to your website, so you must force them to make the purchase with an irresistible offer. A cruise for two with all meals and beverages paid will be an ideal irresistible offer.

Heck, I know people that would buy the product whether they wanted it or not just to get the cruise! If they don’t like the Bahamas, they might prefer Mexico or even a cruise certificate incentive for $2000 off a flight and a cruise vacation. These are not time-share scams, but real cruises offered by genuine top class cruise lines. No cruise line ever has all its cabins fully booked all the time, and rather than have empty cabins, they will let it go knowing that they will at least get the opportunity for the guests to like it so much as to book up for longer next time, or to recommend their friends. They might also spend money in the casino and the gift shops, and they will also likely go on one or two of the excursions.

Cruise lines make their money in many ways other than just the basic cabin and meals price. And don’t think you will have a poor choice, because these cruises go to many places, or you can have flights or even a 2 for 1 cruise lasting five days or more.

So, the next time you have an online sales campaign running, or have a High Street shop from which you intend running a special promotion, think about cruise certificate incentives since these high value products are guaranteed to attract customers and make your promotion a fantastic success.

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